Fort Hill Places

Fort Hill Places combines robust infrastructure and creative architecture to deliver inspiring locations. Vibrant town centers with active retail storefronts and live-work-play opportunities are critical for successful communities. These centers are designed to foster growth, as well as housing to support the full range of the socioeconomic spectrum. To attract and retain the talent necessary to fuel our economy, the fabric of our communities must include civic and cultural amenities, with robust recreational and artistic opportunities.

We strive to create communities that fulfill all of these ideals. Our team is dedicated to developing cost effective solutions to serve as a catalyst for change, while identifying key opportunities to improve architecture, infrastructure, and the urban form to promote livable, vibrant communities. Our goal is to preserve the best characteristics of a community, while serving as a key advisor to help communities evolve and attract investors, influencers, retailers, and residents. We partner with our clients to create a vision for vibrant, modern town centers for the future.

Fort Hill Places serves a range of market sectors including state and local government, federal agencies, land developers, private land owners, and non-profit and institutional clients. We represent land developers; private land owners; state and local governments; federal agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and Department of Veterans Affairs; and institutional clients. Our services include advising on land use planning, transportation planning, charrettes, grant writing, community development, municipal permitting, urban design, and master planning.