Fort Hill Strategies

Fort Hill Strategies has provided legislative advocacy, government relations, and business development consulting services to individual, corporate, association, and public sector clients for more than 15 years. Founded on a tradition of integrity, bipartisanship and uncompromising service, Fort Hill Strategies delivers full-service representation to clients across the United States.

Our team boasts over 35 years of collective experience in government and lobbying, and focuses on providing sound advice. In short, Fort Hill Strategies solves problems and creates opportunities when federal, state, and/or local government is involved. Whether it is legislative, regulatory, or budget-related, Fort Hill Strategies has the technical expertise, perspective, and reach to guide you towards success.

Fort Hill Strategies serves a range of market sectors with a diverse client base from across the country that face challenges and seek opportunities. We represent public and private transportation interests, educational organizations and institutions, technology innovators, non-profits, and start-ups. Our services include consulting on government-related issues concerning transportation, economic development, procurement, real estate development, energy and utilities, and retail development.